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the marketing sparkieHi, my name is Barrie Evans and I spent a very large part of my life working in the Electrical Contracting Industry. I started out back in 1977 and my business closed down in 2010 when I was suffering the aftermath of the 2008 economic problems.

Late in 2010 I fell over on some ice giving myself a nasty crack on the back of my head. This led to a detached retina in my right eye, which thankfully was successfully operated on and I was ok. However, I could no longer work in dusty situations. Even working doing electrical testing was difficult because there was still a lot of instances where there was dust.

What was I going to do? I had spent many years building up my expertise in the industry and had a good reputation. This was not going to disappear but working in that field was increasingly impossible due to the problems created by dust and other hazards.

Decision Time

I decided that the only thing was to retrain and do something I was starting to understand quite a lot about. This was SEO initially, but then tinged with some website design in the process. After decisions decisionsall, I love to be creative.

Being a musician since quite a young age and getting quite good at that also showed my creativity and love of performing. I was a little old to think about trying all that out again – I had been in a pop band when I was 20 and it was a great experience. We nearly made it, but that’s another story!

So, I decided the time is right for me to work on something that would not get me into dusty situations. I also wanted to be able to help people with their business, so I thought that doing the SEO would help me to help local businesses to get more from using the internet to get clients. I really want to give something back to the industry that gave me a lot in that time.

Having had so much experience in the construction and electrical contracting sector, I have some understanding of the challenges in the industry. I want to help those people who are struggling to make a living to start to see some growth and achievement, giving them the time (I didn’t have) to spend with family. Everyone needs time to relax and get away from work and chasing the next penny. Using online resources can give your business the kick it needs to achieve more and have more time.

My History With SEO

my history with SEOI was talking with someone I got to know quite well and he introduced me to another guy who taught me the basics of SEO. I took some courses where I developed the skills of coding in websites and then moved on to WordPress. Coding knowledge was required but became less important because WordPress came with everything needed.

SEO was developing into a necessary skill and yet it was also evolving into having to write great content. Google was learning how to stop the spammy, unreadable content websites and leaving them behind. I latched onto people that were evolving with Google and letting go of the old techniques.

I am a great believer in being honest and straightforward. Sometimes it’s not what a client wants to hear, but they appreciate that I am being honest. SEO is not always a quick fix, but when done right, it can be tremendously rewarding and bring fantastic results. The best thing is, when it starts to work well because we have been patient and done everything right, then the benefits are immense!

I always work with the attitude that Your Business is MY Business and we are in it together to make the best success possible.

Hope to work with you soon.

The Marketing Sparkie

The Marketing Sparkie

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